Darkest Before Dawn by Pippa DaCosta

Rating: 5 stars

Series: The Veil Series #3

I love this series! Twists keep popping. Muse never knows who to trust. Even when people help her she doesn’t know if they are truly helping her or using her for their own means. She’s been burned by almost everyone, but she still has hope. She doesn’t give up even when it seems futile.

A young girl who was half human and half demon was left with Muse by Akil. She couldn’t figure out why the girl was left with her. The only people she trusts to help her were avoiding her, and the only people she could go to for help would only make the situation worse.

On top of it all, Muse’s control was slipping. She was fighting a constant battle to keep her demon from taking over. Chaos would ensue if the demon was in control and her humanity could be lost forever. More and more forces were encouraging her demon to come out and play.

Akil was full of surprises. The depths he goes to get what he wants continues to shock me. I’m warming to him more and more but can’t trust him either. Stefan is hard to figure out. The good guy he was may be completely gone. The experiences he had been through had made him deceptive. I never know when is being genuine or not. Ryder is quickly becoming one of the most frustrating characters in the series. He’s a nice guy. The well being of Stefan and Muse really seem to matter to him, but his faith in the institute makes him untrustworthy. Just when I think I truly have a grasp on the characters, everything I know about them gets flipped upside down.


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