The magic that is library cards!

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Seriously, if you live in Texas and you love to read, drop what you are doing and read on. This will be the best news you have heard all year.

The Houston Public Library has a provision where if you are a Texas resident then you can get a public library card from them for FREE.

You fill out their application and scan that and your ID and either mail or email it to them. It really is that simple, I have mine and have already been checking out ebooks from Overdrive. So for residents of Texas it is free. But what about non-residents? For you guys the charge is $40.00 per year. But look around, because chances are good that your state offers something like this too. And if anyone out there finds other options that are either free or available for a nominal fee, please respond in…

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4 thoughts on “The magic that is library cards!

    1. It’s cool that Houston does this. I don’t live in Texas but may pay for a library card anyway. They have a good selection of ebooks, and it’s cheap. Out of curiosity I looked at a few library websites. There are a few (Denver & Los Angeles) that offer free cards to anyone in the state. Some libraries will let people pay for a card if they do not reside in the area, but they require the person to go to the library to get the card. A lot of libraries in Florida do this, but that may be because of snowbirds.


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