Eighth Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones

Rating: 2 stars

Series: Charley Davidson #8

I loved the first 5 Charley Davidson books, but they have gone progressively downhill since. This series used to be UF/PNR. Now it’s practically a fucking cozy mystery with a paranormal twist because Charley doesn’t do shit and figures everything out by talking to people. Except she doesn’t talk to anyone she really needs to and winds up in trouble because she thinks she knows best. The thing this book needed most was a plot. Almost nothing happened. The only reason I finished the book was because I heard the end was surprising, which it was. But was it good? That’s debatable. Where is the series headed? It’s gone off in an odd direction.

I desperately miss the old Reyes. He was a bad ass and was edgy and unpredictable. He used to live by his own rules and didn’t listen to anyone else. Now he doesn’t do anything but protect Charley. Every move he makes is so obvious because it’s all about Charley. He’s the son of Satan FFS! Do something that is mildly interesting. Wow me with your awesomeness. On the bright side he’s still sexy (yes I am being sarcastic). Charley and every other woman in the book noticed constantly. Apparently being the most gorgeous man alive is supposed to make me forget that he’s gotten soft.

Some long awaited questions were finally answered and were a big letdown. What Charley is was revealed, which didn’t add much to the story. It’s already been said that she’s all powerful, which is fucking lame anyway. What is exciting about a character that can’t be bested and has no limitations? Nothing. Frankly she isn’t deserving of being special. She’s not dumb but lacks forethought. How many times can she put her life in danger without any serious consequences? Shouldn’t someone with her powers be able to think ahead and do what is best for the long run instead of what is best for right now? If she keeps going at this rate, she’ll end up destroying the universe out of some misguided attempt to save one person. And if she really cares so much about people, then why doesn’t she actively seek out people to help instead of only helping when she’s asked?

I expected to be blown away when Mr. Wong’s identity was revealed. I was sorely disappointed there. I hadn’t figured out who he was but thought after all of this build up that it would have been epic. His general role in the series was what I expected it to be, but why and how he got there wasn’t.

The prophecy is focusing more on the daughter than Charley and Reyes now. Is a big time jump coming where she is grown up? It appears the story may shift in that direction although I could be completely wrong about that. As creepy as it is, there are hints the baby may have a love interest already, which is really gross. It is not appealing for a grown man to watch a child grow up and fall in love with her as an adult.

The end definitely changed things. Based on the problems Charley was facing, it seems like the simple solution would be to tell her her real name in the next book. Of course it won’t play out like that because there wouldn’t be any point to the next book. It’s sad to say but I’m no longer interested in the overarching storyline. This series took a wrong turn with Charley being a mother.

6 thoughts on “Eighth Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones

    1. It may be worth it to wait until the series is finished before you decide if you want to read it or not. That way you can determine based on reviews if it ends well or not. The ending of Eighth Grave could bring the series back to what it was in the beginning depending on how the author play the storyline out. I probably won’t read any more Charley Davidson books unless other people I know think they have improved.


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