In the Land of Tea and Ravens by R.K. Ryals

Rating: 4 stars

In the Land of Tea and Ravens was beautiful. Lyric and Grayson were sad, broken characters. Neither of them were bad people but had tragic pasts that would haunt them for the rest of their lives. The story wasn’t depressing; it was about hope and acceptance although there was a pervasive feeling of melancholy throughout.

Grayson and Lyric were both outcasts. Many people did not like Grayson for what happened in his past, but it was his family that had the strongest resentment towards him. Lyric was accepted by her family because they knew her secrets, but the rest of society abhorred her. Rumors about Lyric’s family indicated that the women were crazy and managed to taint the men in their lives with their insanity.

No surprises were in store in regards to the romance. It was fairly predictable, but the story excelled in other areas. The realistic setting with a touch of fantasy enhanced the story because the fantasy elements were original. The plot was interesting because it emphasized how deeply people can be impacted by the actions of others. Truly it was the writing that made it stand out. It was eloquent and beautiful without being overly complex or hard to understand.


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