The Gypsy Brothers Series by Lili St. Germain

seven sons

The whole series is 7 novellas. I love and hate this series all at the same time. The best way to describe the series is like driving by the scene of an accident: you know it’s bad but you can’t look away. Parts of it were really bad, but I liked it at the same time. I couldn’t put them down.


Juliette grew up around a biker gang since her dad was in one. When she was 15, she was gang raped by her dad’s best friend and his sons. The same people killed her dad. They thought she was dead, so she went into hiding. Six years later she had a plan to get her revenge that involved infiltrating the Gypsy Brothers.


The idea behind the story was great. I love the thought of getting revenge on the assholes who raped her. They guy who orchestrated the gang rape was the Dornan Ross who was her dad’s friend. He had seven sons. The youngest one Jase was the only one who didn’t rape her. He and Juliette had been in love. He was the only person in the Ross family she didn’t want to kill.


Juliette went to extreme lengths to hide her identity. She had plastic surgery to drastically alter her appearance. Aside from that her plans were shoddy. There wasn’t any kind of detailed plan aside from get close to them and kill them. She didn’t know how she was going to do it without implicating herself. She had six years to think about this and walked in to see Dornan with some half assed ideas. Juliette was impulsive and never knew when to keep her mouth shut. By the end of the second book, I was wondering why she wasn’t dead considering she had made so many stupid decisions.


The main thing that was a big turn off for me was when she willingly slept with Dornan to infiltrate the gang. She became his girlfriend, and they had sex a lot. WTF? She could have gone after them in many other ways. Sleeping with your rapist even if it is for the purpose of revenge is fucked up and twisted. Her reasons for doing it made sense, but IDK how a piece of her didn’t die each time he touched her. It was even more twisted considering she was in love with Jase and saw him all the time while she was at the biker club house. The two of them grew close, but she had to hide her true identity from him. If the truth would be revealed who could reasonably expect him to forgive her for all of the crazy shit she was doing?


I can let some of the craziness go because it wasn’t the most realistic story ever. It was worth it to read just for Jase. He was the most decent and level headed person in the whole series. He wasn’t an innocent by any means; he was involved in crime and had killed before. He was a nice bad boy.


I’d rate the entire series as 3 ½ stars. The novellas got better as the series went on because more secrets were revealed and more screwed up things kept happening. These were very entertaining. If you like dark romances, I’d definitely recommend it.


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