Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland

Rating: 3 stars

Series: Kara Gillian #1

Kara Gillian summons demons. Because of this she leads a lonely life. She has to keep that part of her life a secret. She’s also a detective and was recently moved to the homicide department. In her town some murders happen, but they appeared to be connected to some old murders. Around the time the murders began, Kara summoned a demon, but the wrong one came through the portal. The powerful demon that arrived had a strong interest in Kara.

For the first book in a series this was good. The pacing was consistent but a little slow. I did skim the parts when there were lengthy descriptions of rooms because I don’t give a shit about that kind of stuff and it didn’t add to the story. The mystery was interesting. I did not guess who the killer was.

I would have liked this a lot better if the love triangle wasn’t in it. It was ridiculous that Kara went from being someone who only had two brief relationships to having two men express interest in her. I can’t figure out how things will go with the love triangle. One of the men is the bad boy, which is who I’d ship, but he’s probably going to do something really evil. The other guy is super nice but kind of boring. IRL he’s the guy I’d want, but this is a novel. I want excitement, and he isn’t going to be the one to bring it unless there is more to him later on in the series.

A few other things bugged me. There were a few hints that Kara is special, which is such an overused trope in UF. For someone that was loner, she was very trusting of other people. It doesn’t make sense that she spent her whole life hiding her secrets just to reveal every single one of them the minute someone else has some inkling of what she was hiding. Also she made a friend. She didn’t have any for years but suddenly develops a friendship with a coworker she’s known for a while. Between making friends and meeting men, her life shifted into a different direction quickly. Lastly Kara didn’t have as much knowledge as I would have expected for someone who had spent years studying the arcane. She knew a lot about summoning but didn’t know as much about the demons she was summoning. Her aunt had a massive library dedicated to the arcane. Why didn’t she use it?

All in all this was okay. Nothing made it stand out. I’m going to keep reading the series although I doubt it will get better as it goes along.


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