Edge of Dreams by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Rating: 3 stars

Series: Diamond City Magic #2

Riley was trying to strike out on her own and avoid working for the Tyet. She had bodyguards following her around, and she wasn’t entirely sure who hired them. Someone asked her to save five teenagers who were trapped in the mines. With the help of some other people, Riley quickly made a plan to save the teenagers. She stumbled across something more sinister than she could have imagined.

Riley’s desire to help people is admirable. She places the life of strangers above her own, which means she puts herself in the line of fire often. The consequences of her actions aren’t considered until after she does something that may cause problems. Helping people is a good thing, but so is having a sense of self preservation. Her decisions are normally made on the spur of the moment, and they aren’t always good. It would be great if she would learn from her mistakes at some point. Her poor decision making may be a result of her powerful magic. She is capable of many unusual things, so she relies on that instead of common sense.

The basic plot was fairly predictable. No major surprises. Riley did learn a little more about her past. What she uncovered left far more questions than answers. Although what she learned wasn’t surprising. I figured this might be possible from clues in Trace of Magic. Price wasn’t in this as much, and his presence was missed. He is a good balance for Riley. I will read the next one since I am curious to learn more about Riley’s past, but I hope Riley has some growth as a character.

I received this from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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