Trace of Magic by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Rating: 3 stars

Series: Diamond City Magic #1

Riley is a tracer, which means she has the ability to track people using magic. She is far more powerful than most, but she has to hide her abilities to avoid the attention of the Tyet. The Tyet are independent groups of criminals who operate in an organized fashion. Riley uses her abilities to help the innocent when she can. She captures the attention of a cop with ties to the Tyet. The two of them are forced to work together for a while.

The world building was explained well. There were a few small things that surprised me towards the end, which always makes the story more interesting. Riley was tough and loyal. She did get hurt quite a bit though; it happened enough that it seemed implausible for her to be alive. Just like in many other urban fantasy novels, Riley was more powerful than most and was capable of doing extraordinary things with magic. And she didn’t understand her powers because her parents never discussed it with her. Price was my type of alpha character. He liked to be in control but wasn’t highly demanding and overbearing.

The romance took up a fair amount of page time. The relationship advanced too quickly. Riley and Price really didn’t know each other for long enough to develop deep feelings for each other. She was still conflicted about whether she could trust him or not, but at least she wasn’t in denial about her feelings for him. It was boring sometimes when Riley was thinking about Price. She kept going over the same issues without coming to a resolution.

Trace of Magic was just an average urban fantasy novel. It wasn’t bad but didn’t have much to make it stand out either.

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