The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Series: Darkest Powers #1

Chloe lead a fairly normal life for a girl without much parental supervision. Then out of the blue she began seeing ghosts. Everyone else thought she was crazy, but she knew what she was seeing was real. Her aunt quickly had her sent to a group home for troubled teens. Things weren’t right in the group home either. The other kids had strange things happening to them too. Some of them wanted to be her friend, but some of them wanted to hurt her.

There wasn’t much that was truly outstanding about this story. I did enjoy it, and it was a quick, easy read. At the end there was a twist that I did not see coming. A potential romance was blossoming but it was not the focus of the story. For a book where all of the main characters were teenagers, the characters weren’t immature or whiney. Some of them had issues and were moody, but there were reasons for their behavior. At least their behavior felt justified.

I liked Chloe. She was smart and level headed. Her only faults were being too kind and trusting, which did cause her trouble at times but made me like her all the more. Derek was the bad boy, so of course I liked him. He was moody and rude, but it was easy to sense that he was misunderstood. Simon was friendly and charming. He was the one always trying to smooth things over when there were conflicts. Tori was just a selfish bitch and caused trouble for everyone.

The one thing I found to be ridiculous was the way the group home was operated. It was sloppy considering it was run by intelligent people. The security was lacking in major ways. But some things that were necessary for the plot couldn’t have happened if the place was run like an actual psych ward. Since this wasn’t realistic fiction I can let it slide, but it still annoyed me.

I would recommend reading this, but it doesn’t need to be pushed to the top of anyone’s TBR list either.

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