The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

Rating: 2.5 stars

Series: The Raven Cycle #1

I was insanely bored until 67% into it. So much time was spent describing rooms and whatnot. I don’t give a shit about that kind of thing especially when there isn’t any significance to it. The characters were developed more through description rather than through their actions. After a while some descriptions got repetitive. A ton of time was focused on describing stuff while the plot went nowhere for a long time.

Blue was fated to kill her true love if she kissed him. Through supernatural means she got a hint about who her true love is although she had never met him. Wouldn’t the logical thing be to avoid that person so you don’t get attached and end up killing them if you give into temptation? But that’s not what Blue does. Her mother actually set it up for them to meet although she is the one who had warned Blue about the dangers of kissing him. That whole situation was dumb, but there wouldn’t be a story if she stayed away from him.

It pissed me off that these kids were in high school and had no supervision. Some of them lived on their own. Those were the rich ones that could do anything they wanted. The ones with parents never had to check in nor seemed to have any restrictions on what they could do. If I’m reading a story about teenagers I’d like it seem like they are actually that age.

None of the characters grabbed my attention. They were all dull. Blue was a passive main character. She really annoyed me at times because she would not ask questions about important things. Adam irritated me. He was the nice guy, but he was holding back a lot of rage. He’s a time bomb waiting to go off, and it seems like he’s going to take that rage out on the wrong person. Ronan was a bit of a dick, but I neither liked nor disliked him. He seemed more genuine than the other characters. Noah had no personality. He contributed almost nothing to their friendship. He was always just there lingering in the background. There was a reason for him to be that way, but he was still boring as fuck to read about. Gansey was okay. He tried to hard to take care of his friends. Sometimes it felt more like he was their father rather than friend. Gansey was constantly described as being condescending, but there were only a few examples of that. With him I felt a big disconnect from how he acted compared to how he was described. Last but not least there was Whelk. Reading the chapters from his POV were excruciating. He was terribly dull and insipid especially when considering the role he played.

There is some potential for love triangle drama between Adam, Gansey, and Blue although Gansey was the only one Blue truly seemed to be attracted to. Since she can’t kiss, this series is definitely going to be boring. Reading about people holding hands is lame for a romance even for teenagers. Some things were left open ended, but those things weren’t interesting enough to want to continue reading the series.


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