Reignite by J.M. Darhower

Rating: 4 stars

Series: Extinguish #2

I liked this better than Extinguish. Most of this was told from Lucifer’s point of view. He was struggling with losing Serah. Basically she paid the price for his sins. Lucifer couldn’t stay away from her although he did more harm than good by being around her. Would he learn from his mistakes or would he get revenge on those who wronged him and destroy the world in the process?

Lucifer had a conscious. People always assumed that he didn’t have one because he often did bad things. He wasn’t bad just for the sake of being bad or because he enjoyed seeing others suffer; he was fighting for what he thought was right. His idea of what was right didn’t go along with what most people thought was right. Very few took the time to understand his motives and to realize that he struggled with the outcome of the things he did.

Lucifer’s inner turmoil was interesting especially in comparison with the other angels. In some ways he was the one that ultimately seemed like the good guy. The virtuous, pure angels were so quick to judge and never considered how others were affected by their judgment. They appeared more heartless than Lucifer.

I really enjoyed Lucifer’s inner conflict. He had a lot to learn about consequences of his actions, and all of that was strongly entwined with his relationship with Serah. It was a change of pace to read a romance that wasn’t all about sex either; this focused way more on love.


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