Prick by Sabrina Paige

Rating: 4 stars

Prick isn’t a book I’d usually pick up. It’s a romance filled with some of the worst romantic tropes in existence. Aside from the romance, there is no plot. Last but not least it’s a step brother romance, which sounds lame, right? It was actually a good read and was surprisingly funny. Sabrina Paige has talent because she took a bunch of cliché tropes and made an enjoyable novel out of it. I almost hate to admit that I couldn’t put this down once I started reading it.

The gist of it is that a Coulter and Katherine have a one night stand or at least that’s what it was meant to be. Of course Katherine was a virgin and he was a man whore. Neither one could stop thinking about the other. They never expected to see each other again until their parents announced that they had been secretly dating each other and were getting engaged, which meant Katherine and Coulter had to spend the summer together.

The banter between Coulter and Katherine was great! He was a prick, but there wasn’t any true maliciousness to his words or actions. He was the misunderstood bad boy type. Katherine was the girl who was proper and did everything that was expected of her. She wasn’t stuck up and was likable. The story takes you from point A to B. It’s a romance; you know how it’s going to end. This was totally worth it especially if you’re looking for a fun, light romance. That wasn’t even what I thought this was when I picked it up, but I enjoyed the hell out of it anyway.


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