House Immortal by Devon Monk

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Series: House Immortal #1

Why aren’t more people reading this? It was awesome! Right from the start I didn’t want to put it down. It was so refreshing to read something with some truly original world building. The world is ruled by houses. Each one controls something different like medical, technology, etc. All people are supposed to be aligned with a house.

Matilda wasn’t aligned with any house. She was hiding from the houses because she isn’t human. She was stitched together, which makes her one of the galvanized. There are only 13 galvanized in existence. They’re special because they’re immortal and really hard to kill. Matilda’s life got flipped upside down when she was discovered by one of the houses.

All of the characters had personality even the side characters. Matilda was young and inexperienced but didn’t make a bunch of stupid decisions, which was cool. There was a romance, but it was not central to the story. It’s the slow building type, which is just the way I like it. This was fun and different, and it will leave you wanting to start the next one right away.


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