The Scribe by Elizabeth Hunter

Rating: 3 stars

Series: Irin Chronicles #1

Ava lead a lonely life. She heard voices in a language she could not recognize from every person she ever encountered. Her family thought she was insane. Then she found a doctor who said he could help her. When she went to Istanbul to see the doctor, people began to follow her. She began to realize they weren’t merely people and couldn’t figure out why they were after her.

The Scribe is one of those novels that strongly blends the lines between urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and that was its downfall. The world building was interesting and unique. It involved angels and different factions of humans that also weren’t completely human. At first I was sucked in a wanted to know everything about the world and the characters. About half way through it delved heavily into paranormal romance. It was obvious the romance was going to happen, but it happened too quickly for my tastes. It didn’t help that it was one of those situations where they were destined to be together. They had good chemistry, but I wasn’t really feeling the love. The sex scenes weren’t all that spectacular either.

This was the first in the Irin Chronicles series, and there was a major cliffhanger at the end. I expected to be blown away, but it was just alright. Everyone raves about Elizabeth Hunter’s books. This is the second one I have read, and somehow once again I have failed to grasp what is great about it. As far as self published books go, this was pretty damn good compared to some of the crap I’ve read. The writing was good, and it was well edited.


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