Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski

Rating: 2 stars

Series: In the Company of Killers #1

I thought this was going to be a dark, twisted story. Well it wasn’t at least not by my standards anyway. Sure a lot of people died in it, but they were all minor characters that barely had page time or were just horrible people. Sarai had been held captive for 9 years. She escaped with the help of an assassin Victor. The man who had her desperately wanted her back, so Sarai and Victor were on the run.

The romance was practically nonexistent. Victor and Sarai had no chemistry. Victor was a hit man who had no personal life because it interfered with his ability to do his job. He went out of his way to help Sarai, but it was never explained why. And Victor had no personality at all, and he stayed that way for the entire book. A few chapters were from his POV, and he still seemed cold and emotionless.

Sarai was nonsensical. Her thoughts about others were sometimes contradictory. She had issues since she was held against her will as a drug lord’s mistress. She really didn’t seem that fucked up considering, but all of the other characters kept mentioning how abnormal she was. It was stated often that she wouldn’t be capable of living a normal life, but nothing about her really indicated that. Once the story went in the direction of her turning into a cold, calculating killer because of her past, it felt forced because most of the time she was the one begging others not to kill people. I definitely won’t read the next one.


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