Shadowdance by Kristen Callihan

Rating: 4 stars

Series: Darkest London #4

Mary Chase and Jack Talent haven’t gotten along for years. Someone has been killing supernaturals for a while. Jack has been on the case but wasn’t able to figure out who was the killer. Mary got a tip from an informant about who the killer was, which lead her to believe Jack was hiding something. She became his partner to keep an eye on him.

Mary and Jack were in the previous book Winterblaze as side characters. Honestly I wasn’t expecting to like them as a couple based on their roles in it. Mary I liked well enough, but Jack was an ass. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jack had many levels of unexpected depth. The animosity between them remained, but they also saw different sides to each other. The romance wasn’t about them hopping into bed together. They really got to know each other before deciding where their relationship would go.

The story relied less on magic than the previous ones. Mary was a ghost in the machine (aka GIM), so she was alive because of a mechanical heart. This had more of a steampunk feel. Some characters had metal blended with flesh, and an airship was in the story a couple of times. The only bad thing about Shadowdance was that some things were too easy to figure out, which didn’t make for the best mysteries. Other than that it was awesome!


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