Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder

Rating: 2 stars

Series: Study #2

All of the elements that made Poison Study special do not appear in Magic Study. Yelena was forced to leave Ixia and go back to her homeland which she did not remember. The setting in this was not nearly as complex or dangerous as it was in Poison Study. The plot of the main mystery was extremely similar to the last book. Both had a psychotic, powerful magician kidnapping and raping girls to steal their power. A new storyline would have been nice.

The characters were transparent. No twists or betrayals happened since it was obvious who the bad guys were. None of the characters had depth. They were either there to serve Yelena somehow or be her enemy. Yelena changed. She had several TSTL moments, and she was all powerful. A well thought out plan wasn’t needed to solve anything because Yelena would save the day with her incredible powers, and she’d come out looking like hero when she was being a dumb ass. Valek lost all of his appeal and charm. He didn’t do anything bad but was lacking somehow. The romance was dismal. All of the chemistry was gone. A friend of mine told me to read Poison Study as a standalone because the other two books in the trilogy were bad. I wish I had listened because all this book did was go from bad to worse.


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