Burned by Karen Marie Moning

Rating: 2 1/2 stars

Series: Fever #7

Burned was disappointing on many levels. The pacing was slow. The action was practically nonexistent. Too much page time was spent focused on people’s thoughts. It leaned more towards PNR than UF. It didn’t have excessive sex scenes, but the appearance of the characters was described ad nauseam. Of course in true PNR fashion, everyone was hot, sexy, or beautiful, and everyone wanted to have sex all the time because when the world is literally falling apart people’s main concern is when they can get laid next.

The gist of the plot revolved around helping/saving Dani, which meant she didn’t have considerable page time. Many of the other characters were talking or thinking about how great and special she was. I don’t get it. She was a reckless hothead with a serious ego. Her few good attributes certainly didn’t outweigh her negative ones. Dani certainly deserves friends, but the deep admiration for her does not make sense.

Something was off with Mac. She was passive and compliant. There were times when Barrons and Ryodan were ordering her around, and I wished she would have told them to get lost. The bold and daring side of her vanished. She got lost in thought often, and most of it didn’t add any value to the story. It was extremely repetitive. Also she desperately wanted to have sex and ogled every man in sight. It didn’t jibe with the Mac I recall from the first five books.

Barrons was an asshole. He’s always been cold, hard, and unforgiving. Love didn’t soften him at all. He still calls Mac Ms. Lane FFS. He did a few things, nothing despicable, but it made me think Mac deserves better than what he has to offer. It was mentioned a few times that Mac and Barrons get along great in the bedroom but clash outside of it. In reality relationships like those don’t last.

It was told through multiple POV. Some of them were unnecessary. There were changes in several other characters that didn’t feel natural. An unexpected twist did happen in the middle of the book, which spiced things up a little. It had a cliffhanger, but it wasn’t a doozy. Although this was my least favorite book in the series, I’d definitely recommend it to any Fever fans. I may have liked it better if Dani didn’t drive me nuts.

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