Queen of the Darkness by Anne Bishop

Rating: 3 stars

Series: The Black Jewels #3

A lot of the issues I had with this were the same ones I had with Heir to the Shadows. Hekatah and Dorothea’s plans to overthrow Janelle were not well thought out. They were depicted as depraved, vile women, but it wasn’t shown well with their actions. Their plans and schemes did not indicate their ruthlessness to the extent that I would have expected.

Too much time was spent on social niceties. Everyone was learning how to properly interact with the other members of the court. It made the characters seem immature especially when taking into account their age. None of the characters could figure out how to deal with others on their own; they always had to go to others for advice.

On the upside, Daemon was back! He had some issues to sort out after being in the Twisted Kingdom. He was the darkest character in the whole series. What made him great was that he could do bad things but still held to his own code of ethics, so he never hurt people that didn’t deserve it. Ultimately he did the right things but didn’t use the best methods to do it. He strongly reminded me of Damon on The Vampire Diaries in the sense that he was good but misunderstood and often perceived as bad. Except for Janelle, all of the other characters treated him poorly or didn’t trust him when there wasn’t a valid reason for it.

Queen of the Darkness was an improvement over Heir to the Shadows, but still paled in comparison to Daughter of the Blood. All of the major plotlines had a satisfactory conclusion, but the book ended rather abruptly. It seemed like there should have been another chapter or an epilogue to explain a few things.


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