No Sooner Met by Seanan McGuire

Rating: 4 stars

Series: Toby Daye #6.1

Short stories tend to be lame but not this one! Best of all it was free from the author’s website. I only recommend reading this if you have read the Toby Daye series and have finished Ashes of Honor. This short story takes place after that and contains spoilers for anyone who hasn’t gotten that far in the series.

Nothing groundbreaking happened except for a glimpse into Tybalt’s mind since this was told from his perspective. It was great to experience how he felt. He is truly such a unique character. Many authors write about characters who are supposed to be hundreds of years old, but it never feels like they are from their actions and speech patterns. It’s not like that with Tybalt. He has adapted to modern ways but doesn’t completely understand them. He has a way with words. Almost everything he says sounds eloquent and slightly formal like people would have spoken long ago, but it doesn’t make him seem stuffy or highly sophisticated. His thought and speech patterns are captivating and leave me desperately wishing there were more to read about him.

This wasn’t the most amazing story ever, but I am a little bit in love with Tybalt. He is my book boyfriend. 🙂


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