The Other Sister by Leanne Davis

Rating: 5 stars

Series: Sister #1

This, like many other books by relatively unknown authors, had a lot of great reviews. My expectations were low because more often than not phenomenal reviews aren’t reliable. But this completely blew me away! It was stunning, beautiful, heartbreaking and tragic.

People see exactly what they want to see, and that is exactly what happened with Jessie. She acted out to hide her pain, and no one saw through it. All everyone else saw was an idiotic whore. She didn’t have any friends or family to dissuade people of this notion. She had family, but they didn’t think better of her than anyone else did.

Jessie was in a dire situation. Will, who was a soldier, was sent to rescue her. He learned things about her that no one else knew, so although he didn’t want to be, he became entwined in her life. He saw how broken, fragile, and alone Jessie was, and he wanted to help her.

Parts of this were simply heartbreaking, and part of that was because it was realistic. This isn’t the usual type of romance where the girl meets the guy and love is enough to solve all her emotional problems. It wasn’t cheesy like that. It wasn’t about two people who quickly fall for each other and do nothing but sleep with the other person or think about it. This had a story that went far beyond romance; it was a deep, dark, and disturbing depiction of mental illness and various forms of abuse. The ending was a happy one, which felt slightly out of sync with the dark tone of the novel. It was such a minor issue that it didn’t bother me much.

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