Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Series: The Black Jewels #1

I enjoyed this immensely. It’s a very dark world. For the most part women who are witches rule this world. Queens are in charge. The men are powerful but have to be loyal to their queen. When the men don’t choose to be loyal, the queens use a special torture device called the ring of obedience to coerce the men into doing their bidding. The queens that have been in charge for hundreds of years are bad. Their only concerns are their own self serving purposes. There is a prophecy that a good queen will come along and replace the bad ones.

The world building was okay. Enough info was given that I understood what was going on. Sometimes things would be mentioned but I would be left wanting to know more. It was briefly mentioned that witches were supposed to be connected with the Earth but hadn’t been for a long time. There was no explanation about why that was a bad thing. How did that really affect the Earth and the witches? That type of thing happened a few times. It would have bothered me more if the world building had been incomplete to the degree that nothing in the story made sense.

This is told from multiple points of view. Some were more interesting than others. My favorite character was Daemon. He had a side which he didn’t show often where he could be sweet and caring. Other times he was an incredible bad ass. He could be extremely cruel, but he was only being cruel to people who treated others poorly.

Although this book had its faults, I would highly recommend it. It’s not an action packed book. Much of it is just conversations between various characters. Also anyone who reads this has to be okay with reading about sexual abuse. There are not a lot of sex scenes but a lot of abusive sex and sometimes incest is alluded to.

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