Shadows Before the Sun by Kelly Gay

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Series: Charlie Madigan #4

The setting for part of the story was in another world, so the book didn’t focus on all of the usual characters as much as normal. It all worked out very well though. This was my favorite installment in the series. Another reason this one felt a little different was that Charlie had accepted her situation and her feelings for Hank. It was great to see her determined to get what she wanted instead of torn apart with indecision.

One character who played a much smaller role in the other books had a big role in this. Alessandra (a.k.a. Sandra) is the oracle. She and Charlie have to work together to achieve a goal. She was a character I didn’t particularly like before, but she was surprisingly fun.

Although Hank didn’t get as much page time as usual, some small parts were from his perspective. I really enjoyed getting a little glimpse into his POV, and it was necessary to the plot since he and Charlie were not together for a good portion of it. Also lot more was learned about his family and his world.

All of the big issues were wrapped up since this is the last book before the publisher cancelled the series. There were several things left unexplained, which definitely leaves room for more books. Leander was a new character who was very mysterious. It was hard to tell if his long term plans would help or hurt Charlie. I’m keeping fingers crossed that the fifth book will be self published next year so some of these things will be explained.


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