Phoenix Holt by Gabriella Lepore

Rating: 3 stars

Sophie and her twin brothers, Sam and Todd, had recently lost their grandfather who was their caretaker since their parents died when they were young. Their grandfather was estranged from the rest of his family. His sister, the last remaining relative of the children’s, offered to take them in. Quickly after arriving at their aunt’s, they realize there is a lot they don’t know about their family history. The children are sent to a strange school where secrets start to unravel. Sophie meets an unusual boy, Jaxon, who has more ties to her family than she could have imagined.

The quality of the writing in this was excellent especially for a self published novel. If I hadn’t known better I wouldn’t have assumed this was self published. Overall I enjoyed the story. It was a quick, easy read. The best part of the story was Jaxon. I was drawn to him from the first encounter. His background and relationship with Sophie were the most intriguing parts of the book.

The downside of the story was that the family secret was easy to figure out. There was not enough build up to keep me in suspense. The children adapted to their new surroundings too quickly and easily. They didn’t grieve much for their grandfather or their old lives, which seemed odd. This was a YA novel, so maybe I was expecting more depth to the story than I should have.

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