The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks

Rating: 4 stars

Series: Lightbringer #3



I have mixed feelings about this one. Once I got about 40% in I couldn’t put it down because I was dying to know what happened next. The tone of this was much more somber. All of the characters were grappling with issues. No matter how young or old all of them were going through phases of self discovery. In their own separate ways everyone was trying to figure out who they believed in and who to serve.

Parts of this were depressing. Everyone was broken in their own way. Karris was still grappling with giving up her child. Gavin lost his magic and frankly wasn’t very special without it. Teia hadn’t overcome her past as a slave. Kip was on his own a lot and dealing with fitting in.

Team work wasn’t a big part of this. Most of the characters had to deal with their issues on their own. It was necessary for their growth, but it was lacking something without the strong connections between them.

I fucking hate Andross Guile! Is there any way to beat that guy? He knows almost everything, so there is no escaping him.

Part of me was glad that Gavin went through his loss of magic. He had done bad things, but at the heart of it he is good. He needed to be humbled. He thought too highly of himself and relied on his magic too much. But what happened to him physically and where he ended up was more punishment than he deserved.

Kip WTF!? My admiration for him grew greatly over the course of this book until the last 15%. He had plenty of time to back out of his choice but didn’t. I don’t understand why he went through with it. I hope it will be undone since he didn’t do everything required for the, ah, bargain to be sealed if YKWIM. I do admire one of the choices he made at the end though, but if he was going to do that why go through with the other thing? Sooooo frustrating!

The women were the heroes of this story. Teia, Karris, and Liv all had similar problems. None of them knew where they fit in or who they should be loyal to. In their own ways they were backed into corners which limited their options. In the end they made much better decisions than the men.

Some parts of this were boring. There wasn’t anywhere near as much action as in the other two books. The parts focused on Gavin and Karris were dull. They rehashed a lot of issues from the previous books without gaining a lot from it. Their portions of the book could have been shorter. The parts from Liv’s POV were brief, but I still don’t know what to think about her. She’s not bad enough to hate, but OTOH isn’t likable enough to care for. This was my least favorite so far.


4 thoughts on “The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks

  1. Yea, its a drastically different book from the others. Weeks basically sets the stage for the final book in this. I liked it alot, though, mainly because it was so character-centric. It made me start treating the series more seriously, I guess.


    1. It was different. I wish it had been a little shorter. The last book should be good and action packed. It’s too bad that there isn’t a release date for the next one. I really want to know how this ends. I love the parts with Kip and Teia. Only if they would admit how they feel about each other. Liv should have had a bigger role in this. She was finally starting to grow as a character but didn’t get enough page time to explore her changes more. I’m anxious to know what will happen with Gavin. How can he escape without magic? Who do you think put him there? Andross could have figured it out. He’s savvy. The only other two options are Marissa or the real Gavin, which would mean he’s not dead.


      1. I think the real Gavin is as dead as it gets, my money is on Andross. I think he’ll escape by drafting black or white luxin. One of the two. I liked the Kip and Teia dynamic in here, but the thing is the book made me like Tysis too, so there’s just no winning for me there, lol. I can’t wait to see what happens with Andross next. He makes Tywin Lannister look like a geriatric, lol. Great stuff.


        1. lol @ Tywin Lannister! Andross beats him in the game of deception. I’m dying to see someone take him down. I hadn’t been thinking about black and white luxin. Out of the two I’d guess white since that represents truth, and a big part of his journey in this book seemed to be that he was supposed to realize some kind of truth. I don’t like nor dislike Tysis. I sympathize with her plight, but she comes off as too pathetic and desperate.


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