Visions by Kelley Armstrong

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Series: Cainsville #2

Overall this was a good book although I did not enjoy it quite as much as the first, which was Omens. The best way to describe this series is cozy mysteries with a touch of paranormal. These are not fast paced, action packed books, and that is fine; I enjoy the pacing. To be honest, I had to force myself to keep reading through some parts in the middle. The overarching storylines weren’t advanced much in this book. A few of Cainesville’s mysteries were exposed, but so many things were still unanswered. Next to nothing happened with Olivia’s parents. There is lots more to explore there too.

The focal point was the characters and their relationships. Gabriel was the character who had the most revealed about him. He’s fascinating, complex, mysterious, devious, and yet somehow incredibly appealing. I think there is still more than meets the eye with him. Many people are warning Olivia that Gabriel will betray her somehow. Knowing him, he might although it’s unlikely he’d do anything to intentionally hurt her. I think some people are afraid of something happening if the two of them are together, so the warnings are probably based on lies.

Unfortunately this story has delved into the realm of paranormal romance with a love triangle to boot. Ugh! Apparently the driving force behind Olivia’s love interests is paranormal forces, and I hate that crap. It is very clear who it is that Olivia loves although she is not aware of it. This became a love triangle when Ricky took a bigger role in the story. He is a bit of an enigma. He’s got this weird good guy/bad boy thing going on. He’s the intelligent gentlemanly college student, but he’s also the motorcycle club leader’s son with an active role. He has such an odd blend of characteristics. Yet through it all, he is rather dull without much personality.

****RELATIONSHIP SPOILERS**** Part of me feels bad for Ricky because unintentionally Olivia is using him. Something is off with their relationship. Both of them act as if they have feelings for each other although they barely know each other. I’d prefer their relationship if they treated it for what it is: sex with no strings attached. ****END OF SPOILERS****

Olivia is a strong character in many ways. She is loyal, determined, and stands up for herself. She is presented as being independent, which is true in some ways. Her one downfall is her emotional dependence. Being alone doesn’t appear to be one of her strong points. That’s okay, but it makes her appear wishy washy. Once one man upsets her, she runs to another whether for friendship or sex. Hopefully some of these issues won’t be dragged out for several books.

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