Walking on Her Grave by Melinda Leigh

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Series: Rogue River Novella #4

I received a copy of this from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was the fourth and final novella in the Rogue River series, and it was a satisfying conclusion. Carly and Seth were the main characters in this one. A fire in town revealed some clues about the recent crimes in the town. One of Carly’s clients who had a connection to the drugs went missing. Carly and Seth had to work on these cases together. This also gave them the opportunity to work on some of their relationship issues, so they were growing closer. Seth is somewhat of an alpha male, but especially in comparison the alphas in other stories, he’s at the weaker end of the spectrum of alphas. He wanted things to be his way and made that known, but he wasn’t highly demanding or controlling.  Carly was kind of hard to relate to in regards to her feelings for Seth. It made sense that she didn’t feel respected, but overall Seth is a good man. It felt like she was over dramatizing their problems. Their problems did need to be addressed, but she reacted too harshly IMO.

The mystery was enjoyable. The drug problems and murders from all four novellas were connected and wrapped up. I hadn’t figured out who was behind all of the drama in Solitude. The person behind it all was a suspect, but I wasn’t positively sure it was them until the end. I was happy that it wasn’t some random character that popped up out of the blue or had one brief interaction with the main characters in one of the other novellas. There were some people that I thought might have been in on it based on things that happened in the other novellas but as it turned out they weren’t.


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