Seventh Grave and No Body by Darynda Jones

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Series: Charley Davidson #7

*WARNING* If you have not read Sixth Grave on the Edge, there will be spoilers ahead.

It’s getting to the point where something big needs to be revealed. Little clues keep being dropped about the twelve and Mr. Wong amongst other things. There is no way to know where it is all going yet. This series is damn good, but some issues need to be resolved to spice things up. All of this needs to lead up to a jaw dropping moment. That is what I’m waiting for. Unfortunately I had expect it would have happened in this book.

The plot was weak. The synopsis definitely made the book sound more action packed and full of mystery than it was. Most of the book focused on Charley, Reyes and the baby. A good portion of it was about the twelve that are after Charley. She’s barely investigating anything for her PI business. She was “working” on an investigation, but it was shoved way into the background to the point where I nearly forgot about it until the end where it was resolved. Charley didn’t do the work anyway. She constantly asked Cookie to do everything for her.

Slowly but surely the circumstances have changed for most of the characters. The biggest thing has been the change in the characters themselves except for Charley. She hasn’t changed a bit as far as her personality goes, but she is gaining strength with her powers. For the first time ever I actually liked Swopes! He didn’t give off his usual dickhead vibe. There was an unexpected change with Amber (Cookie’s daughter) that will change her life. Reyes has changed the most. He’s still an adorable bad ass, but he’s lost his edge somewhat now that he’s with Charley. I miss the brazen, daring side of him although it’s for the best that he has settled down considering the direction his life is going. One of the biggest changes with all of the characters in general is that they are more congenial with each other. It’s good for Charley that everyone is presenting a united front, but it was more fun to read about when there was animosity. Charley may trust people like Swopes, the Daeva, and Mr. Wong, but I don’t, at least, not yet.

Charley does as she pleases and doesn’t seem to care much who she puts at risk. She justifies it all by saying she is helping others. Yeah, well… it’s getting old. She has no interest in growing up. She’s ditzy and flakey at times; it’s part of her charm and humor, but sometimes it’s too much. She is pregnant now. She has got to live another 8 months if she has any hopes of this baby being born. She threw herself into one dangerous situation after another and got mad at Reyes for being concerned as if he were the asshole. I don’t want Charley to stop being Charley, but I wish she would at least take being a mom seriously. I think this bothers me so much because I’m a mom. I know that good parents can do the best they can and still screw things up. With Charley’s haphazard behavior, it’s hard to believe the baby will be born let alone reach adulthood.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. There was some good humor. Although the story lacked cohesion in the middle, it was really good at the end. There were some nail biting moments while I was wondering if some characters were going to die. Charley managed to bring more unexpected trouble upon herself, which will be a problem later on. Something sad did happen at the end. Charley will be hurt and probably looking for revenge.

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