Invisible Prison by Mary Buckham

Rating: 3 stars

Series: Invisible Recruits #0.5

I had high hopes for this and expected to love it because of all of the great reviews, but something about it fell flat. First of all since this was a novella, after introducing the characters and laying down the basic set up for the world building, there wasn’t a lot of room for developing the characters and making the mystery complex. It was good, but there wasn’t enough story there to make me love it.

Invisible Prison is the first in a series and is self published. For an indie author, the writing was excellent. There weren’t any glaring typos or any of the other myriad of errors that can occur which often make the reader wonder how on Earth it was possible that no one caught it before it was published. This appeared to be edited by someone with some know how.

Alex was the main character and the only one with any real depth. Still I didn’t get attached to the character either. There were a few characters that died during the story, but they were all so inconsequential during the story that their deaths had little impact. Basically I didn’t connect with any of the characters. At the heart of every story especially a series, strong characters matter.

FYI this did not have any kind of romantic angle. That doesn’t bother me if the story is done right, but a romance along with the mystery might have improved things. I’d probably enjoy the next book. Honestly nothing about this one was memorable, so reading the next one may never happen.

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