Shiv Crew by Laken Cane

Rating: 3 stars

Series: Rune Alexander #1

Rune Alexander is the leader of the Shiv Crew, which is a small police team whose job is to kill the Others (vampires, weres, etc.) when they harm humans. There is a lot of hate towards the Others. Rune knows she is one of the Others, but she doesn’t know much about what she is or where she came from. She hides her otherness as best she can, to the point where she is not even sure what she is capable of. This also means she has to hide a part of herself from her coworkers who are also her friends. She loathes the part of herself that is different, so she has a negative view of the Others. People are being kidnapped. She believes it’s the Others who are responsible, but things may not be as they seem.

This was the first urban fantasy novel by an indie author. It wasn’t the best story ever, but in comparison to most indie novels, this was really damn good. It had a good flow and proper use of grammar, which are things that many indie novels lack. The one area where it was lacking was with the characters. I didn’t feel connected to most of them. They lacked depth except for Rune. The shiv crew members were extremely loyal and overly friendly. Even in groups where people get along, there is still discord. Plus some amount of discord helps to learn more about the characters and how they interact with others. It’s not as fun to read about a group who obeys every order their leader gives them. The only other issue with the book was Rune’s character growth. It was too much too fast. The person she was at the beginning of the book was not the same person she was at the end. It was a lot of changes for a short period of time. That didn’t ruin the story in any way.


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