Touched with Sight by Nenia Campbell

Rating: 5 stars

Series: Shadow Thane #2

Touched with Sight begins right where Black Beast left off. It was way better than the first book although that was really good too. More of the Others are missing. Finn is investigating it, but he needs Catherine to get him close to the people involved. Of course, Catherine begrudgingly helps him. This does give them the opportunity to learn more about each other. Their relationship, not that they are in a relationship, is complex. Things definitely evolve between them.

That about sums it up. As soon as one of them has any good feeling about the other, they push those feelings down. Then they loathe themselves for not hating their enemy. But it’s so much fun, watching them stumble along trying to figure out what it is that they really feel.

Nenia Campbell has done it again! She writes despicable characters in a way that makes them likable. Many authors try to do this, but they can’t pull it off. She has managed to make me love Finn, who really isn’t that likable when you think about it. He’s incredibly controlling, wants to get his way all the time, and is a stalker. Who wants that? Well obviously me. LOL!

Aside from that, a lot more is learned about the world and the dynamics between all of the supernatural creatures. The Shadow Thane makes another creepy appearance, which makes the fate of the world seem bleak. And there are several factions of people who are after Finn and Catherine, so the next should be interesting!


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