The Horrorscape Trilogy by Nenia Campbell

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This series was highly recommended by a friend. I’m grateful I discovered these. It’s like these were books that I’ve been waiting my whole life to read and didn’t even know I was looking for. They’ve given me a hardcore book hangover. I can’t read anything else and truly enjoy it because I can’t stop obsessing about this series.

It’s hard to even pin down a genre. I’ve never read anything else like this ever. Psychological horror/suspense is probably the best way to describe them. The trilogy focuses on the relationship between Gavin and Val, but it’s not one that could really be classified as romantic. It’s dark and twisted, and I enjoyed every minute of it. By the end of the trilogy, it will fuck with your head.

Gavin is sexy, domineering, and demented. He’s not a hero or an anti-hero. He’s a character that should be despised, but no matter what he does, there is something incredibly alluring about him. He has charm and eloquence that shows through even when he is being despicable.

Val is a naïve young girl in the beginning. Her mind becomes warped from certain things she experiences. She’s not bad by any means, but she is emotionally damaged. Regardless of her emotional issues, she was easy to relate to. Her issues didn’t make the story depressing either. Her internal conflict and struggles were interesting.

It’s an incredibly fucked up story that gets darker with every book. The books evolve from young adult to adult as the characters age. The books did have some flaws but were highly enjoyable nonetheless. I can’t really say more without spoiling it so read these. They are awesome!

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