How to get better search results at USF

As a college student, I’ve had to do a lot of research. There have been many times where I’ve had to work in a group on papers and assignments that require research. It always amazed me how a large number of people had no idea how to navigate the library website to find the information they needed. When I worked in groups, this often meant that I had to do a good portion of the research myself because my group members couldn’t find what they were looking for or didn’t find information that was relevant.

Knowing how to effectively find the information needed makes the process of research much easier. All university library websites are different, but most of them probably have similar search features. It is easy to restrict the type of information by things such as source or subject. Most teachers I’ve had request that peer reviewed scholarly articles are the source material. University libraries make this type of information easy to find. Normally all it takes is to click a button. Check out my instructional handout on getting better search results at the University of South Florida library.

How to get better search results at USF


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